In an era of mass marketing, machine-driven production, and instantaneous global communication, it is sometimes comforting to be immersed, however briefly, in an environment that soothes the senses with its rootedness in nature and the echo of a slower-paced society. It was, after all, for similar reasons—to escape the dehumanization of the factory economy of the nineteenth century—that the Greenes, their craft-workers, and their clients collaborated to create such exceptional works of art.

– Edward R. Bosley, Greene & Greene

entrally located in Delta, Ontario, Canada, within an hour of the US border, M.E. Reeves & Son is a small, family-owned and operated business committed to the aesthetic and philosophical ideals of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Our workshop is deliberately small in scale to allow the attention to detail that is necessary for the production of our exquisite Greene & Greene reproductions. All our craftsmen are skilled woodworkers committed to the highest standards of furniture making using traditional nineteenth century methods of construction and finishing. Our hand-crafted quality pieces blend aesthetics and utility together into living works of art that will endure for generations.